St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our vision is to ensure children grow and develop through the love and teaching of Christ,
becoming responsible citizens able to make a positive contribution in society.

Clairmont Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9BE


Our Breakfast Meal

We had a special breakfast with our families to celebrate Children's Mental Health week and the start of our Come and See topic: Meals. It was such a lovely way to start the morning!

Exploring Colchester

We worked in groups to explore aerial views of Colchester. We linked our learning to our focus story - Emma Jane's Aeroplane and thought about what she would see if she flew over some famous landmarks and popular places in Colchester. We labelled different features that we could see including: buildings, roads, train tracks, railway stations, trees, cars and houses.

2D Shapes

We have been learning about 2D shapes, exploring their properties and their existence in the world around us. We thought back to when we were in Reception class and our circle art inspired by Kandinsky. We explored some of his famous art work and then created our own using a range of shapes that we have been learning about. We then used watercolours to add an explosion of colour to our work.


What shapes can you see in our masterpieces?

The War Has Ended

We used a range of materials including pastels and tissue paper to create poppies on our 'War is Over' newspapers. We ripped and rolled our tissue paper and created a range of poppies, thinking about what the poppy represents and how important it is.

We Will Remember Them

We used our watercolours to paint our own poppies or field of poppies, taking inspiration from poppies growing in our school garden.

Harvest Time!

We wrote poems about what we saw on the farm at Hollow Trees. We used similes to make our writing more exciting.

Harvest Prayers

We wrote special prayers thanking God for farmers and the food that they produce so that we can eat!

Our Trip to Hollow Trees Farm


We read the story of Chicken Licken and were shocked at the behaviour of the mean fox.

We thought of words to describe him and then wrote sentences about him on our wanted posters.

We tried really hard to draw the fox, so if you see him, please let us know.

Our Self Portraits

British Values Week

We voted for who we wanted to represent us on 'School Voice' and 'Eco-Warrior' communities.

We were given special voting slips and we wrote down who we wanted to vote for.

Our School Voice Representatives

Our Eco Warrior Representatives

Our King Charles III Portraits

We chose our favourite photo of King Charles III and then used our sketching pencils to draw him.