St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our vision is to ensure children grow and develop through the love and teaching of Christ,
becoming responsible citizens able to make a positive contribution in society.

Clairmont Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9BE


Academy Core Documents

Information about charity trustees and members is detailed on The Rosary Trust website and can be accessed via this link:

Please use the following link to access the webpage dedicated to St. Teresa's school on the schools financial benchmarking service: 

Our Academy’s Core Documents


Our latest annual accounts and reports are available on The Rosary Trust website and can be accessed by clicking here

Please click here to access the articles of association which are available via The Rosary Trust website. 

 Please click here to access the funding agreement which is available via The Rosary Trust website.

Please click here to access the memorandum of association which is available via The Rosary Trust website.

Publication Scheme


One of the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (which is referred to as FOI A in the rest of this document) is that public authorities, including all maintained schools, should be clear and proactive about the information they will make public.

To do this we must produce a publication scheme, setting out:

  • The classes of information which we publish or intend to publish;
  • The manner in which the information will be published; and
  • Whether the information is available free of charge or on payment.

The scheme covers information already published and information which is to be published in the future. All information in our publication scheme is available for you on our website to download and print off.

Some information which we hold may not be made public, for example personal information.

This publication scheme conforms to the model scheme for schools approved by the Information Commissioner.

Aims and Objectives

Our School aims to:

  • enable every child to fulfil their learning potential, with education that meets the needs of each child,
  • help every child develop the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed for life and work, and this publication scheme is a means of showing how we are pursuing these aims.

Categories of information published

The publication scheme gives you information which we currently publish (or have recently published) or which we will publish in the future. This is split into categories of information known as ‘classes’. These are contained in section 6 of this scheme.

The classes of information that we undertake to make available are organised into four broad topic areas:

  • School Prospectus – information published in the school prospectus.
  • Pupils & Curriculum – information and policies that relate to pupils and the school curriculum.
  • School Policies and other information related to the school – information about policies that relate to the school in general.
  • Governors’ Documents – information published in the Governors Annual Report and in other governing body documents.

The school prospectus is accessible via the menu to the left. All other categories of information on this page may be accessed via the tables below.

Note: All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If however you are unable to print off the document you require, please contact the school office who will be pleased to print it for you. (There may be a small charge for this service).