St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


Clairmont Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9BE


Applying for a School place

Applying to this school? Please read the following very carefully.

 Your application must include the following (where applicable);


1.  A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate. 


 2.  A copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate (if the child has been Baptised).  

 3.  A Certificate of Catholic Practice (available from your Priest if you are a practising Catholic – please see criteria below – or available to download from the Diocese of Brentwood            website using the link below).

    PLEASE NOTE WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF CATHOLIC PRACTICE, NOT A COPY. We will make a certified copy and return the original to you.

    Certificate of Catholic Practice

This document can be accessed via the link below:

    Please use the link below to view the Certificate of Catholic Practice Criteria issued by the Diocese of Brentwood

4The Supplementary Information Form available on this website


For clarity, these four pieces of information must be supplied directly to the school.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your application is complete and correct as above.

You are reminded that an incomplete application may alter its classification within the school’s published admission criteria.


September 2020 applications for a Reception place: 

Please note that the above four pieces of information are in addition to your main application

which must be made directly to Essex County Council. 

For further information please visit and follow the links to School Admissions.

Information from St. Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Church

St. Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Church - Mass Attendance Forms

Please note that if you have a child for entry into St. Teresa's School in September 2020, Mass Attendance forms are now available from Fr Tom and must be signed each week after Sunday Mass.  Certificates of Catholic Practice for entry to the school cannot be issued unless parents and children attend Sunday Mass (this includes the Vigil Mass at St. John's) and Holy Days of Obligation.


If you attend Mass at a different Parish, we advise that you check the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Catholic Practice with your own Parish Priest.