St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our vision is to ensure children grow and develop through the love and teaching of Christ,
becoming responsible citizens able to make a positive contribution in society.

Clairmont Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9BE


As I am sure you can tell from the photographs, we have had the best day at the beach! The children were SUPERSTARS and were a credit to the school and to their parents. They enjoyed paddling, taking part in sandcastle building competitions and enjoyed a delicious ice-cream!


We had an exhibition to share what we have learned about the Titanic ! We also displayed the amazing Titanic ships that we built in our groups during D&T. Our diary entries and newspaper reports were available so that others could read about the terrible events of that fateful night! We had ‘hands on’ stations so that we could explain the science behind sinking and floating. We invited our peers from other year groups to come to our exhibition and were then very excited to share our work with our families.


We had such a great morning dressed as knights, queens, kings and even a couple of dragons! We made our own shields, thinking about what each colour would have represented in medieval times on a proper shield. We drew and coloured our own designs including different animals - can you remember what each image means? We then made our own mini shields, wrote our chosen medieval name and drew and coloured a knight, following the style of Rob Biddulph! We played castle bingo and had to remember different parts of a castle, and tick them off when Miss Mugford described it! We had a fantastic day!


Wow! We have created these FANTASTIC colour monsters in class... We read the story 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas, then designed and planned our very own emotion colour monsters. We chose the fabrics we wanted to use, then got sewing, using needle and thread! We are so proud of these! Can you guess what emotion each colour monster represents?


We have been looking at dragons this term, and we used clay to create our own dragon eyes. We designed then made them using a variety of different tools, putting our own unique eye in the middle, then after they were dry we painted them! We used the book 'Tell Me a Dragon' to inspire us, thinking about what our own dragon would look like...


During Remembrance Day, we looked at the significance of poppies during the war and followed a

special tutorial to create these beautiful pieces of poppy art. The background of our drawings is the famous war

poem: For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon.