St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our vision is to ensure children grow and develop through the love and teaching of Christ,
becoming responsible citizens able to make a positive contribution in society.

Clairmont Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9BE


Welcome to Year 6! This year, your teachers are Miss Spratt and Mrs Wilson. 


R.E: unconditional love

Should the Prodigal son have been forgiven?
We held a conscience alley drama activity, acting in role. We drew upon our knowledge of unconditional love in the parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18: 10-14), Psalm 23 and Paul’s letter to Titus (Titus 3: 2-8). Owen and Santino then summed up both arguments and decided that the son should be forgiven.

Was King Tutankhamun murdered? Did he die from illness or accident? Year 6 investigated possible causes of death and put forward their case for debate. They ensured their opinions were backed up with fact (evidence). Then, using the British Value of democracy, the children voted anonymously. The results: a tie between accident and illness. What do you think his cause of death was?

We are archaeologists. As part of our ancient civilisations studies, the children became archaeologists, using different tools to uncover different artefacts.