St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our vision is to ensure children grow and develop through the love and teaching of Christ,
becoming responsible citizens able to make a positive contribution in society.

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Are you a Roald Dahl fan? Year 3 are. We have enjoyed listening to George's Marvellous Medicine and are now diving deep into the world of giants with the BFG. Watch this space for photos of our exciting topic, exploring rich vocabulary in the style of Roald Dahl and art work in the style of Quentin Blake.


In Science, Year 3 have been busy exploring forces and magnets in preparation for designing and creating their own game. See the photos for some of the investigation we have been completing, exploring the different types of forces and magnets.

This term, Year 3 have been exploring Pompeii. We have been learning all about what happened on the disastrous day that Pompeii was buried under a cloud of volcanic ash. Our journey started with us reading a book called Escape From Pompeii. From here, Year 3 explored what features are required to write a playscript before creating their own playscript scene from the book. Here, Year 3 transferred the text into a playscript, making sure they had stage directions and narrators to help set the scene. The children auditioned their playscripts and the finalists had their plays acted out. Mrs Gill was invited to watch the play scenes before making a final decision on the winners. Well done to Jacob P for his script being the winning script. 

Year 3 have been busy historians digging up the past. We have taken our journey from pre-historic Britain through to the Roman invasion, looking at and creating our own timeline of events. In class, we have researched how the Roman democracy system evolved. Here, we split the class into three: Kings, Republics and Emperors. We explored how the democracy system for each had strengths and weaknesses. We are now starting to unfold the influences the Romans left behind and the rebellion of Boudicca and the Celts. We are looking forward to our Year 3 trip to Colchester Castle too!

Check out our colosseums we designed and created.

As part of our science topic on plants, Year 3 have looked at being botanists. We have dived deep on our question 'What do plants need to grow healthy?' by exploring what specific needs a plant needs to grow. We have created lines of enquiry through our questions such as: is the Venus Fly Trap a producer or consumer? We have completed an investigation to test if plants need all of the requirements discussed in class to grow healthy and have recorded our results from close observations.

Have you made a Lenten promise? Year 3 have discussed sacrifice and resisting temptation. From this, each child decided on a Lenten promise that would show sacrifice and their ability to resist temptation during the Lenten period. Some of these Lenten promises show that resisting temptation will be hard!

This half of the term, Year 3 have been authors. We have been learning all about orangutans through a story that also gives factual information. We have used this book as a modelled support to create our own version of the story, adding in all of the fun facts we have learned. We are very excited as once the books are completed, we plan to share these with our target age range: 6-7 year-olds (AKA Year 2). Watch this space for some finished books ready to be published!

Year 3 have been working hard in place value for mathematics. We have learned to do part-whole models, bar models, greater than, less than and equal to signs, along with writing STEM sentences to show our reasoning skills. Our times table focus this half of the term is our 3s. We are working hard at becoming fluent in our 3 times table. 

Year 3 have been busy in science. We have been learning what food the body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As part of this investigation, Year 3 had a visitor: Emily. Emily is a vegan and she came in to show Year 3 how she maintains a healthy, balanced diet. We looked at how Emily gets her protein from nuts, soya, tofu and dairy free alternative milks. We got to sample some of Emily's diet. We tried tofu, vegan cheese, vegan meatballs, vegan fish fingers, oat milk, chocolate soya milk and macaroons. It was very interesting to find out what we liked and disliked. The tofu was not very popular but the chocolate milk, which was warmed up, was very popular. Below are some photos from the day.