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Year 3


This part of term, the Year 3 children have been working hard on writing a story. Here, they have been authors, editors and illustrators. Today, the Year 3 class had their books published. The first edition of 'The Christmas Rabbit'. Their story is based on the story of 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Margery Williams. Their illustrations are based on their learning of Beatrix Potter and her illustrations of Peter Rabbit.

Below are two exceptional examples of the stories the class have written. Their personal use of language and take on the original story is inspiring and it was a pleasure to hear them read aloud.

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A big thank you to Alexander for bringing in his artefact from the Mesolithic period!

Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age and the three periods of time within it: Palaeolithic period (old Stone Age), Mesolithic period (Middle stone Age) and Neolithic period (new Stone Age). Alexander brought in an archaeological discovery in the form of a Tranchet Axe. This axe would have been used in the Mesolithic period. It was incredibly exciting to hold something that a human made and held hundreds of thousands of years ago! We all felt very grateful to be entrusted with looking at such an ancient artefact. 

Thank you, Alexander! A totally awesome experience.

Why Do I Wear A Poppy?

Why do I wear a poppy?

To remember those that fell.

Why do I wear a poppy?

For a story of past to tell.

Why do I wear a poppy?

Bright petals velvet red.

Why do I wear a poppy?

To march with the soldiers that led.

A poem by Year 3

Year 3 Toy Museums

Today, Year 3 put on a great show. We invited Year 5 and Year 2 to our classroom to join us in celebrating the opening of our toy museums. As well as this, we had two VIP visitors (Mrs Kelly and Mrs Gill). Year 3 worked very hard on these museums. Their journey started with them learning to research factual information and organise this into a heading and sub-headings. Another part of the journey also had us exploring plagiarism and the importance of writing our research into our own words. 


Year 3 had a fabulous time on their school trip. They behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school. The trip started our journey exploring toys from the past to the present. The 'Jacks' seemed to prove very popular with the children as did the ball and cup game they made. We had a champions match with David coming first, Jacque second and Sophie third. 

We look forward to learning more about toys from the past to the present so that we can make our own toy museum!

Here are a few photos from the day.