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Staff Formation

What is Formation?

Formation is a life-long process of listening to what the Holy Spirit is calling you to be and to do, and then getting the appropriate information, training and guidance to enable you to fulfil that mission.  Formation is Christ-centred. It is scripturally rich and grounded in the Church.  Formation is intentional, ongoing and reflective. It starts from people’s lived experiences and focusses on the growth of individuals and communities in spiritual awareness, theological understanding, vocational motivation, and in capabilities for mission and service in the world.  

What is CPD?

CPD- or Continuing Professional Development is a way of our staff continuing to develop their practice through training. Training for teachers and staff at our school focusses around improving outcomes for pupils, staff are trained both formally and informally and at St Teresa's a coaching model is used.  Training in aspects of our Catholic life (Catholic Life and Mission, Religious Education pedagogy and Collective Worship) is essential to the induction of new staff. 

The CCRS- 'Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies'

Studying for the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies aims to: provide teachers, those involved in parish ministry and other ministry contexts with knowledge and understanding of the teaching and beliefs of the Catholic Faith; develop an appreciation of the principles of Catholic education at all levels; employ and encourage sound adult educational processes which express central values of Catholic life; enhance understanding of education within the Church as a life-long process; enable all participants to make an informed contribution to their chosen field of ministry within the Church.

At St Teresa's, many of our teachers hold CCRS, staff are encouraged to study for this qualification.