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Eco Warriors

We stand on holy ground. 

“All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation.”  Laudato Si #14

Genesis 1 teaches us how God created our planet with love for us. God teaches us to care for our planet, the gift He gave to us: His children. As Eco Warriors at St Teresa’s, we are stewards of God’s creation, a Catholic Social teaching we live by in accordance to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. We focus on how we can support our environment: local and global. We gather in God’s name, to develop our school environment, to protect God’s precious gift to us. We develop our school grounds and work to become more environmentally friendly with our fuel-free Fridays as a whole school community, cooperating to better our planet.

Because we want to be stewards of our common home, the earth, we have the following responsibilities:

  • Enhancing our environment at school to make it more eco-friendly

  • Getting the message out to everyone in our school community

  • Getting involved in eco-projects at school and in the wider community

  • Organising charity or awareness events with an eco-theme

  • Monitoring the curriculum, checking that we are teaching eco-friendly things!