St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


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After researching stages of volcanic eruptions, Year 5 were tasked with writing a script to accompany a stop motion animation they had created using play dough.


Tectonic plates

As part of our Iceland topic we have been learning all about tectonic plate boundaries and the geographical effects of their movement.

We used Oreo biscuits to represent this.




Year 5 were set the challenge  to construct a volcano and research ways of replicating an eruption. Mrs Kelly judged our models for ingenuity and design.

We had a great afternoon causing over 20 volcanic eruptions and commend the children and their families for their efforts.


Year 5 enjoyed a wet, yet informative day at Colchester Zoo, learning about lifecycles and the countries of origin of different species.


On Tuesday 2nd April, Year 5 visited Walsingham House at Abbotswick for our Retreat Day.  We spent the day looking at several parables; such as 'The Good Samaritan' and 'The Prodigal Son' and how we can relate these to our everyday lives.  We also spent time in the chapel reflecting on our faith and spent some time meditating.


In the 3 days before February half term, year 5 demonstrated their amazing DT skills; their brief was to design and build a moving moon buggy to go over the Moon's terrain without losing its astronaut or scientific load. I'm sure you'll agree, their finished products are absolutely awesome. The year 5 team are so proud of their creativity and teamwork. Well done yer 5!

Year 5s trip to Kingsland Church

On Friday 1st February, Year 5 visited Kingsland Church as part of our Mission topic. We learnt about how they worship God and compared this to our own faith. The children had some great questions for Davy and Marcus who work with the younger members of the Church. 

As part of our RE topic, Life Choices, year 5 visited Church to take part in a "Wedding." We learnt lots about this special Sacrament including the order of events and symbolism of different elements. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Father Tom for giving up his time and teaching us the importance of this special Sacrament.

Our amazing trip to Duxford - 19/10/18

OAA 19/9/18

Today year 5 enjoyed their first OAA session. They took part in 6 activities including toxic waste, a blindfold challenge and the tallest egg. 

During the session, the children made some articulate comments about good teamwork and were able to identify that, among other skills, they needed to communicate well, respect each other's ideas as well as keep going (even when things go wrong).

Well done year 5!

Epic Volcano Eruptions!

Year 5's retreat to Walsingham House

"They put down their nets, and they followed him."

On Friday 6th July, year 5 went to Walsingham house for a retreat based on the above theme. This was a really special day full of meditation, discussions and prayer lead by 4 amazing people, Misha, Chris, Rachel and Chris. 


Green screen adventures

As part of our work linked to Icelandic trolls, year 5 have been experimenting with green screen technology. We hope you enjoy watching our new skills and we look forward to sharing our next projects with you after half term.

The year 5 team were so incredibly proud of the class today when they led the Stations of the Cross with such reverence and poignancy.

Please enjoy the following video which has been created by some of the girls from the class.

Our visit to Kingsland Church

Today, 31st January, we visited Kingsland church as part of our RE lesson.  It was fascinating learning how this vibrant community worships God. Here are some photos from our session with Davy and a little song he shared with us. Alice from our class said that her favourite part of the Church was that they were free to worship God in their own way.

Woeful World War dances

On Friday 1st December, we filmed our fantastic Woeful World War dances.

During our dance scheme of work this term, we have developed different elements of dance such as the use of levels, lifts, canon and unison and varying dynamics.  Year 5 then tried hard to get all of theses elements in to their final piece of choreography.

Can you identify all these elements as you watch their brilliant performances?

Our Wonderful Wedding

On Wednesday 15th November, Year 5 went to Church to learn about the Sacrament of Marriage with Father Tom.

As you can see, we had a great time dressing up and acting out this special Sacrament.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed this fantastic learning experience!

Our AMAZING trip to Duxford 3/11/17

What a wonderful day we had a Duxford!

As you can see by all the photographs, Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their day of history and fun.

So many people commented on their fantastic costumes and impeccable behaviour. 

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to take such a curious and enthusiastic class!

Year 5's Macmillan Coffee morning - Friday 29th September


On Friday 29th September, year 5 hosted the school's biggest Coffee morning to date.


Mrs Herron was so proud of the year 5 team, especially the children who did such a grand job of serving teas, coffees and not to mention CAKES! It was also great to have some of them entertaining the parishioners after mass with their wonderful talents.


Everyone's generosity was overwhelming and we are proud to announce that we raised an amazing £1107.08!


Mrs Herron would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part, whether it was baking or buying cakes, attending the event or driving the left over cakes to the night shelter.


What a huge success!

Year 5 have been enjoying Warhorse

by Michael Morpurgo

We deepened our knowledge of the text through drama.