The sports provision within St Teresa’s is varied.  We offer both in-class activities and broad selection of out-of-school sessions to give our students the opportunity to experience fun, fitness and team spirit.

Within the Curriculum

During the school week, our children have 2 hours of timetabled sports – including dancing, gym, team games and floor work.

The school employs specialist rugby coaches who work with KS2 and KS1, helping the children to develop specialist rugby skills.

A large percentage of our sports funding is spent on teaching our children to swim.  Each half term, one year group attends swimming lessons at first strokes.  These lessons have proved very successful with children growing in confidence and skills.

For more information on how we spend our sports funding, please check out our report.

After School Clubs

Years three and four are offered the chance to learn and improve their hockey skills one morning per week before school starts.

We have a football club broken into two groups – years three and four play together, as do years five and six.

During the Autum and Spring Term, we operate a netball club for years four, five and six.

We extend our rugby provision to an after-school club called Rugby Pups, which is available for years five and six.

Check out our clubs page for details of when they are and how to apply.

Sporting Fixtures

Matches and competitions are detailed in the weekly newsletter.