Breakfast Club

We started our Breakfast Club in June 2010. It is proving to be very popular with parents and children alike. It is the perfect answer to parents starting work early and in need of safe, affordable childcare before the school day. We also accept children on a one off basis when parents may have a meeting or need to be somewhere early.



Breakfast Club is available to all children from Reception to Year 6

Hours are 8.00 – 8.45 am; the children then join the rest of their class in the class room. Reception children are escorted to class by a member of staff.

We aim to provide a nutritious, healthy breakfast which includes: a choice of cereal, toast with a choice of toppings, fruit and a choice of fruit juice, milk or water to drink.

Breakfast Club is a safe, friendly environment for the children to start their school day in.

Activities include: Drawing, colouring, card making, sewing, knitting, chess and other board games. Breakfast club is a nice place for the children to chat with friends, read or even do homework!