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Liturgy Group

Our Liturgy Leaders

The St Teresa's Liturgy Group have a love of liturgy and scripture. They are willing to be generous with their time in helping to prepare the various liturgical celebrations in the school and in supporting staff with religious preparations and ideas for whole school improvements.

“Where two of three gather in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20

The St Teresa’s Liturgy team hold Scripture and Gospel values at the very heart of all they do. The Liturgy team are an integral leadership team in our school: they are a caring and generous team who meet regularly to gather in Christ’s name and commit their actions and words to God our Father. They organise liturgical celebrations and events and hold the Word of God at the heart of all they do. St Teresa is our school’s patron saint. We know our smallest of actions, like smiling and sharing our kind words, are done with love and for the service of God. The Liturgy team do all they do in love, for the love of God.

The various responsibilities of our Liturgy Team are:

  • Helping Father Riq, staff, and our community with all aspects of Liturgy
  • Leading the school in reflection and prayer
  • Coordinating school displays and events following the liturgical seasons
  • Planning special liturgical celebrations and charity events  
  • Have a voice for teaching and learning in RE
  • Monitor the standards of RE in classrooms

We will always place the Word of God at the heart of our school.