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Igniting intellectual curiosity with an evolving, engaging and enriching curriculum.

Building respectful relationships focused on kindness, care and love.

At St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, we aim to provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum, opening up a world of intellectual curiosity to our children.  Igniting curiosity stimulates the brain, and we therefore engage pupils in all areas of learning by stimulating inquisitiveness- instilling a desire to learn, explore and think deeply.

A curious mind is a learning mind and, as such, we provide a broad curriculum by offering the full-range of National Curriculum subjects that we value equally, ensuring they are taught excellently; we provide balance by sequencing the content thoughtfully for progression in knowledge both disciplinary and substantive and the development of skills.  Our learning is therefore sequential and cumulative as we focus on pupils knowing more and doing more as they progress through our school.

We value making learning memorable and therefore, theme lessons around inspiring ever-evolving topics and creative, exciting resources.  We believe theming learning around topics makes the content meaningful, contextual and relevant for pupils.  Having a cross-curricular approach enriches the balance and breadth of our curriculum, building learning by linking it together.

Using the 3 es from our curriculum intention, the rigour we apply to our foundation curriculum matches that of our core curriculum.  

Enjoyment of the curriculum promotes achievement, confidence and positive attitudes in an environment where children feel safe to take risks. High quality visits and visitors to the school enhance the curriculum. Our children have the opportunity to share their learning with each other, their parents through Seesaw.